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Effortlessly create, send, and manage invitations for your special day.

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Automate the invitation process

Simplify Your Wedding & Party Invitations in Just a Few Clicks

#1. Choose from Beautiful Templates

Browse our extensive collection of invitation templates for any occasion. From elegant wedding invitations to corporate events, find the perfect design that reflects your style.

#2. Customize Your Invitations

Personalize your invitation with your event details, colors, images, and more. Make your invitation truly unique and special with our easy-to-use customization tools.

#3. Organize Your Guest List

Easily import your guests’ contact information and manage them in one place. Keep track of RSVPs, meal preferences, and more with our intuitive guest list management system.

#4. Send Invitations via Email or Postal Mail

Effortlessly send personalized invitation links to your guests via email or postal mail. Your guests can conveniently RSVP online, saving you time and effort.

#5. Track Responses in Real-Time

Stay up-to-date with your guest list as responses come in. Our real-time tracking system helps you keep track of RSVPs, manage seating arrangements, and make any necessary adjustments.

#6. Communicate with Your Guests

Send reminders or custom emails to your entire guest list or specific subgroups like bridesmaids, family members, and more. Keep everyone in the loop with important event updates.

Our pricing

Pricing varies based on the number of email or postal invitations you send:

3.90 per postal mail
0.35 per email

A 100 guests?

Small wedding or baby shower?
From €35 to €390

Around 300 guests?

Big wedding with families and friends?
From €105 to €1170

Around 600 guests?

Good thing we’re here to send those for you!
From €210 to €2340

Are you an event planner ?

Contact us for our our monthly subscription pricing.

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