Online Invites & Wedding Themes: How to Seamlessly Match Your Aesthetic

Hey all you brides, grooms, and anyone in between! Let’s talk invites. Not just any invites—online invites that nail your wedding theme down to the last pixel.

Why Theme Matters

Why does your wedding theme matter? Well, it sets the mood and vibe for your big day. Your online invites should be the trailer to that blockbuster romance you’re starring in. It’s your chance to make a first impression. So let’s make sure it’s a good one.

The Basics of Digital Invitations

Before we dive into the theme goodness, let’s get down to basics.

What Is an Online Invite?

An online invite is a digital invitation you send via email or SMS. It’s interactive, often cheaper, and thanks to platforms like HappilyInvited, it’s easier than ever to manage.

Why Choose Online?

  1. Cost-Effective: Save cash for the honeymoon.
  2. Convenient: No snail mail. Instant delivery.
  3. Feature-Packed: Embedded maps, RSVP buttons, you name it.

Identifying Your Wedding Theme

You’ve got to know your wedding theme before you can start matching it, right? Whether it’s rustic, beachy, or full-on royal, get a mood board going. This will serve as your aesthetic guidebook.

How to Choose a Theme

  1. Personal Preferences: If you both love the beach, a nautical theme is a no-brainer.
  2. Seasonal Elements: A winter wedding screams for a snowy wonderland theme.

Setting the Tone With Your Invite

Your invite should offer a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Fonts and Typography

Fonts can scream fun, elegance, or laid-back vibes. Choose wisely. HappilyInvited offers a range of fonts to fit your aesthetic.

Color Palette

Your colors should reflect your theme. A vintage theme might have soft, muted colors, while a tropical theme demands bold, vibrant hues.

Customization is Key

The beauty of digital invites is customization. Here’s how to take full advantage:

Custom Graphics

Add in elements like seashells for a beach wedding or snowflakes for a winter theme.

Personalized Messages

Include a line or two that resonates with your theme. For example, for a travel theme: “Pack your bags for a love journey.”

RSVP Style

Your RSVP button can be shaped like a starfish for a beach theme or a snowflake for a winter theme. You get the drift.

Tech Features that Elevate Theme Matching

Embedding Videos

Insert a teaser video that matches your theme. A clip of waves crashing can work wonders for a beach wedding.

Countdown Clocks

Customize a countdown clock to match your theme. Think snowflakes that disappear as the day gets closer.


Link to a Pinterest board or website that further elaborates on your wedding theme.

Iterating and Reviewing

Don’t settle on your first draft. Take time to review the invite to ensure that every element complements your theme.

Get Feedback

Send the draft to a couple of trusted friends who understand your vision.

Test All Features

Click on every button to make sure everything works and fits with your theme.

Your Theme, Your Rules

Online invites give you the freedom to not just tell but show your guests what kind of party they’re in for. So let that creative flag fly, and give your wedding the kickass, thematic start it deserves.

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